What was your highest weight? 388 lbs.

How much weight have you lost to date? Approximately 170 lbs.

How long has it taken you to lose the weight? I began this journey in July of 2004, by July 2005 I had lost 100 lbs. I kept 95 lbs. off for five years and then in November of 2009 I began the second bid to lose the weight for once and for all.

Why'd you decide to lose the weight?   It took a great deal of effort just to walk. My breathing was labored. I had lost all confidence. I looked like a blow up doll and I knew that if I didn't take control soon my daughter would have to see her mother die from a preventable disease.

What's your goal weight? I'd like to weigh 170 lbs. I have to see what that looks like on me before I make the final decision. I just don't know what I'll look like at 170 lbs. because it's been umpteen years since I've seen that number and I've  never been a "normal" weight. The BMI, says I should weigh around 141 - 150 lbs.

What size do you currently wear? Most shirts are size L depending.  Pants are size 16 -18. Of course, it really just depends on the clothing item. I have a jacket size M - go figure. I use to wear a size 26/28 and I was on the verge of not being able to shop at "Lane Giant" anymore. It got to the point I had to wear elastic waist skirts and pants. Yikes!

What diet do you follow? I follow a healthy diet that encompasses all food groups. Heavy on the plants. I still eat butter - yes, 100% butter. Sparingly, of course. I cook with olive oil, eat non-animal dairy, whole grains, and yes I still occasionally eat lean grass fed beef.

Do you take supplements, diet pills, vitamins?  No supplements or diet pills just a Women's Multi-vitamin.

How many calories do you eat a day?  I know that I'm eating good wholesome food so I don't count calories.

What gym do you belong to?  24 Hour Fitness Columbia Tech Center.

How many days a week do you workout? Three to four times a week and I try to walk most days.

And....the burning question....How do you stay motivated?  Big, big question. Basically, I have a great desire to win. Once I made my mind up for once and for all. I simply would - will not give up. Anyone who knows me, knows how stubborn I am. At each milestone, I figured I had made too much progress to fold my hand. I think support systems are HUGE. Heck, that's part of the reason I blog. Also, I talk to people all the time about my weight loss: Folks at the gym, grocery store, friends and family. I say this all the time, I can't lose this weight in silence. So I blog, talk, and scream.

The Obesity Epidemic is REAL!

The evidence of an epidemic is everywhere.

· Two-thirds, more than 190 million Americans are
overweight or obese.

· Obesity-related diseases are a $147 billion dollar
medical burden every year.

· Childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years

Source: CBS News