Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Friendly Boost

Me and Kat circa 2008 -  I haven't seen her in forever!
You hear the toned down version of my ranting. My girlfriends on the other hand - whew! When I talk to them, I hold nothing back. They get the full spiel. They've seen me through the roughest times. Watching me self-destruct at 388 pounds surely wasn't easy. Especially, for my dear friend, Katina.  She's always been a lover of food like me, but she also has always been very active and into health and fitness. Over the years, she always pleaded with me to exercise and eat better, but I wasn't having it. Now that I've found my way she's one of my proudest supporters - the cookbook is dedicated to her.

The other day, I called Katina to chat. She's been super busy lately. Working on - get this - designing a restaurant in the Atlanta airport. She's an Interior Designer and a darn good one. Anyhoo, I told her that I was less than enthused about my stale workout routine. And, since my workouts have been non-existent my mid-section shows it. Come to find out like me she's been struggling with her workout regimen and is feeling it in her waistline too.   Although, I wish she weren't struggling. I'll admit, I was relieved to find out that I'm not alone. She's been living a healthy, fit lifestyle for as long as I can remember and she still runs into bumpy patches.

After conversing for a while we came up with a game plan for getting ourselves back on track. We decided to check in periodically over the next few days, weeks to make sure we are staying on track and keep each other encouraged, motivated.  Like good friends should, we are giving each other a friendly boost.

Lesson learned: Sometimes you can't do it alone. Sometimes you have to talk about it, seek support from others. Nothing wrong with that. The pursuit of health and fitness is just like any other component of our lives. We have to keep working on it, at it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Something NEW!

I've been in a workout slump for weeks. Honestly, it's probably been a few months now.
I like working out it makes me feel good. Eating healthy and working out combined helps my waist line -- bonus! But, truthfully I've become tired of the same ol' same. I need a fresh workout routine, new workout music, and even a new workout facility. Y'all know by now I don't sit on the sidelines long complaining  -- that's a waste of time and energy. Y'all also know I'm not afraid to step outside of my comfort zone and seek what I need.

So,this afternoon I went to an awesome studio -- Northwest Personal Training. I took a kick-butt Bike/Row class led by an enthusiastic certified personal trainer, Ted, alongside five other folks rowing and riding to the beat of Bob Marley's "Jammin." During class I admit I became winded a couple of times and took a breather, but otherwise I rode and rowed right with the others. When Ted instructed us to crank our bikes to another gear, I cranked. When he told us to find another rowing level, I did. 

Today, I tried something new and I liked it. I believe this class and the new workout environment is the very spark I needed to get myself back moving in the right direction. It's time I take my fitness and weight loss to the next level.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Flattered, thanks

I write. You read. You say, I inspire, motivate, and encourage you. But, I feel you give me as much if not more.

I can't do this in silence - battle obesity. That's the very reason I started this blog in July 2010. We've been through a lot together. Some have come and gone, but most of you are still right here with me. Listening to me rant, rave. Helping me travel this bumpy path to fitness and health. This is NOT easy. This is the hardest thing I've ever done. You all get to say you helped me turn childhood obesity statistics upside down.

Some days are easier than others. Some days I need you more. Somehow on days when I'm struggling I get a Facebook message or an email from one of you -- you all make my heart sing. Here's some touching words I've received over the past few weeks:

"Your blog is astounding Chrisetta, you are truly an amazing person. One to take notice of and follow. I am a better person for knowing you." ~Ashley ...A better person for knowing me? This one made me cry. Really, really cry.

In response to me saying I was going to start a food movement..."Great blog post, as usual, but you should change the words "I'm starting a movement" to "I've started a movement" because it's already begun!" ~Kathy

After a rant about losing my zest for workouts..."You have done SO MUCH! Truly, cut yourself some slack. You've laid out your concerns and anguish, now sit back and open your heart and spirit -- that gal's gonna come tumbling out." ~Debbie

"You are amazing." ~Scarlett

"I’ve recently discovered you and have been following your progress on FB and your blog.  My friend's birthday is this weekend, she’s a fan of yours as well.  I’d like to surprise her with a copy of your cookbook (autographed?)   THANKS for your inspiration…"  ~Carole  

"Just writing a note to tell you how I enjoy your blog and FB page. Your food pics look amazing." ~Jennifer

From LeeAnn - Community Coordinator at New Seasons Market: "I can’t thank YOU enough for finding me here at New Seasons Market and being so persistent from the start on being here with us. Last night was ‘a feather in my cap’ here at the store! I knew people would LOVE you and you came through like a rainbow - it was a great event and I hope we can do it again sometime soon! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

I'm flattered. On a regular basis I'm reminded why I share my story publicly, openly, and honestly. Really, I'd be a fool not to. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

For once and for all, Farewell Fatso!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cool Honor

Lobby of library
Farewell Fatso! poster
Tomorrow, Saturday, February 25 I will have the privilege of speaking at a place I've long admired. A place that promotes literacy, books, and community activities -- the public library.

As a girl I loved going to the library and checking out tons of books. Story time was the highlight of many days. Libraries have come a long way. The architecture and design, the buzz, the technology, the various groups and story times, folks gathered in rooms to hear speakers such as myself, and the constant -- books, the abundance of books. What a cool place. Not only do I have the honor of having my cookbook on the shelves, but in about 24 hours I'll speak at the Cascade Park Community Library.

I was talking with my girlfriend about how excited I was about speaking at the library. I mentioned that maybe I am making to big a deal out of it. Maybe I should tone it down.  But, nah she agrees I have every right to be excited. Sharing my story with the community, in hopes to motivate, inspire, promote change -- in a cool place that I've always loved. This is a great honor. I'm going to shine, shine, shine.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Organic Dilemma

I change my position. I once believed organic produce/ food was the way to go, but after further deliberation (reading, researching, conversing with other thinkers). Uh, no.

As typical with Americans, we've overdone it. We've lost our way. Now, organic food just comes down to business. The industry has strayed away from the very nature of what organic originally stood for - sustainable practices.  And has moved towards a typical food industry model: Mass production. Mass pollution. Mass distribution. 

If broccoli travels 2,000 miles by truck, is it still organic? I now see that it makes more sense to buy local produce. The food doesn't have to travel as far - environmentally friendly. Besides, most local farmers implement sustainable, organic practices, but just choose not to buy into the organic label. The organic label is regulated by the government and it cost money.  Also, supporting local farmers means stimulating the local economy. A win, win.

The way I see it:  Eat local produce that is conscientiously raised over corporately regulated organic. More importantly, eat fresh, whole food and prepare your meals at home. Include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Don't forget your water. Oh, and it would help to add some exercise to your regimen.

I'm reading a terrific informative book that has recipes too: Food Matters by Mark Bittman. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reminder break

I can so relate to the lyrics of Pink's song Don't Let Me Get Me. Lately, I've been struggling mightily with myself, "I'm my own worst enemy... I'm a hazard to myself."  I'm really, really disappointed in myself.  I feel like I should be stronger, more toned, more fit, slimmer. Not fat anymore. I'm really struggling with how to get myself to the next level. I've been in this space for a long while.  I really had hoped to be much closer to my "Fit by Forty" goal by now. I want to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 40 this summer. I feel like at the rate I'm going I'll miss the mark. Or will I?

I've been putting together a PowerPoint presentation for my talk at the library this Saturday. Last night, mind full of negative self-talk as  I was adding more content to the presentation, I just started looking at the photos of myself as a morbidly obese woman. Heavy, heavy sigh. What a reminder. Those photos were, and are a reminder of how far I've come. For goodness sake, I've lost 173 pounds! I am stronger, more toned, more fit, slimmer, and happier. So, why do I continue to put so much emphasize on the negative? Why do I beat myself up so much? It's the mental, the inner battle. It's equally if not as taxing as losing the weight.

I vow from this day forward to give myself a break. To silence the demons whenever they start whispering to me  and serve as a reminder to myself about how far I've come -- I'll pull out these photos.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Very Thing

The very thing I questioned my entire life.  The very thing that caused me to feel weak, to feel vulnerable. The very thing that caused me to live with a negative spirit under a dark cloud. The very thing that caused me to be lazy, antisocial. The very thing that caused others to look at me in disgust and with contempt.

I've never been what you consider a "normal" size. I've always been fat. At my heaviest, I weighed a miserable 388 pounds. I spent most of my life questioning why and not doing much about it, other than complaining of course. It wasn't until I was knocked off my axis in 2009 that I really, really began to look at myself. Sure, the physical weight was an issue, but the emotional, spiritual -- the inner stuff was the biggest factor. I know I sound like a broken record, but to battle obesity and win, I believe looking inward is paramount.

I had to cast down the demons. I had to find inner strength.  I had to get in touch with myself in order to break through all the negative stuff that I had going on. The negative stuff that caused me to want to just eat, and eat, and eat. Eating, in hopes that it would somehow erase everything, but truthfully it only exasperated the issue. Negativity begets negativity. And I couldn't seem to find a way out of that negative space.

I'm proud to say, I've turned my negative into a whole lot of positive. The very thing that caused me to question myself, my being has caused me to become a strong, positive spirit today. The very thing that caused others to look at me in contempt is the very thing that causes them to look to me today as their inspiration.  Just as negativity begets negativity. The same is true for positivity. "What you think, you become."

Today, I host healthy cooking classes, speak to the community about obesity, have authored a cookbook promoting healthier home cooked meals, and am a social butterfly. Ha ha. Amazing how the very thing -- my fatness is what makes me the strong, positive spirit I am today.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sometimes you feel like a blog...

I love writing, blogging, but sometimes I have too many thoughts in my head and can't seem to write, blog. Today is one of those days. I have two blogs sitting in my mental queue, but just can't formulate the words. I'll play around with the words a little longer until I'm able to string them together.  Maybe that will be later today, maybe tomorrow, or who knows...I do know that If I start pressuring myself to write that will take the fun, joy out of it. Sometimes you feel like a blog. Sometimes you don't. Hee hee.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Shift

Things were good, real good. No complaints just your normal everyday gripes. Boom! One year ago, today (February 17, 2011) I was hit by a car while walking as a pedestrian in a parking lot and suffered a fractured Tibia.

I was in the best physical shape of my life. My physical endurance was at it's peak. I was even training to run my first half-marathon. In a blink of an eye. Fractured Tibia. Crutches. Brace. Surgery. I could not understand why. Why? Oh, I questioned why. The one thing I knew for sure I'd have to keep my spirits high to get through this trying time. Healing, rehabbing.
Smiling on crutches
Sure, my positive outlook helped, but it was by the grace of God that I made it through that trying time. Not only did I make it through, but I've triumphed. Being struck by a car was a catalyst to a new beginning. It was a segue to a new chapter. Sometimes unfortunate things occur to shift us in another direction, put us in another space.  Perhaps the space or place we are in, isn't bad. It's just not the space or place intended for us to be in. I respect that and fully understand that now. I was comfortable with things as they were, but things were not as they should be. Things were not as the universe intended for me. The events that have happened over the course of the past year were all a well-designed plan. I could not see why then, but I see clearly now.

Like legendary football coach, Vince Lombardi said: "It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up."  I'm UP!

My purple cast

Xray of healed bone with hardware

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fresh air, perspective

A few days ago, I went on one of my tirades about losing my zest for working out. Those who have been following my blog, know that I always turn my rants into actions.

Hopeful to reboot, resurge I decided to lace up my tennis shoes and go outside and take a walk. After all, that's how this self-transformation / weight loss journey began. I figured since I'm struggling with how to get to the next round of this heavyweight bout...I'd return to my starting point.

As I walked the park, taking in the fresh air, sun beaming down on me I was reminded of the simple pleasures of daily life: I encountered a middle-aged fella walking his adorable little Karin dog, two young girls playing with a soccer ball, and an innocent teenaged couple walking hand-in-hand. I know, I keep saying this, but mostly this is a battle of the mind. The inner self. Walking was not really about the physical exercise, but more about the mental stimulation.  I feel somewhat better and encouraged after yesterday's walk, but I am still not ready to make my way back to the gym quite yet. It's going to take a few more walks to gain clarity about the direction I want to head for this final push to the finish line. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Real example

I've been there, done that -- am doing that. That's why most of you can relate to me.  I'm not a Biggest Loser contestant on TV being worked by a staff of personal trainers and fed by personal chefs. I'm not an airbrushed Weight Watchers celebrity spokesperson. I'm not a health professional who has all the book smarts, but none of the real gritty insight of battling obesity and life at the same time. I'm your real example.

I'm the gal at the gym working out along side you. I speak to you and with you at community events. I host fun, informational, cooking classes locally. If you see me at the grocery store I'll chat with you. If you shoot me an email I'll respond. I'm here, there, everywhere. I'm accessible. I'm your real example.

Real example: I met Judy at my cookbook
signing at New Seasons Market last week. She reads my blog in print in The Columbian. After reading my blog posts for a few weeks she came to my cookbook signing all jazzed up to meet me. We had a nice conversation at the cookbook signing. About a week later, I ran into Judy while I was out picking up a few grocery items. I stopped and chatted with her. She was so excited to see me again and was impressed that I remembered her -- though I did admit at the time I couldn't recall her name.  Judy told me that she loves reading my blog:  Admires how honest, open I am.  She really feels connected with me and can relate to me. She said, I am a real example, a real inspiration.

I am honored, grateful, and lucky to be your real example.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Cooked Critics

I'm not a nutritionist. I did, however, successfully complete a "Food and Your Health" course at the 100 level.  The degree I hold happens to be a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism. My studies in journalism required me to research, dig up info. So although I am not a journalist I still use that same inquisitiveness in my daily life. Whenever my interest is piqued about a subject or something, I research it, read about it. Typically, I read more than one source - just as any good journalist would. My researching and reading is how I've come to know what I know about: Food, health, fitness, etc.

I admit -- I have no idea about the nutritional breakdown of the food I prepare and eat or the recipes I've created and share. When I teach cooking classes, I always introduce myself and divulge just that. Perhaps some critics may say my recipes and the way I eat doesn't fall into the "healthy" category.  They may be right. My response, I eat good wholesome home cooked meals, which I feel is better than the alternatives (boxed processed food, fast-food). I eat food. Real food.

The Incans didn't have nutritionist. They didn't need them. They gathered, hunted and ate real food. The operative word: real.  I don't mean to be dismissive of the whole idea about calories and the nutritional value of food, but I think if we look at real food: Vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts, seeds, lean protein, and good fat we don't have to concern ourselves with the calories and such. It's the so-called food that comes in boxes, packages, and fast-food joints that we have to be concerned with. I think when we started tinkering with food, processing food that's when we lost our way.  I'm starting a movement to bring cooking back.

I lovingly prepare 99 percent of my meals at home using fresh ingredients that I've hand selected from the grocery store. I eat tons of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and lean protein. Oh yeah, and I exercise to counter it all. Sure, I use butter not like Paula Deen, but I do use butter. Even, sugar. White table sugar. I don't want to compromise the taste of my food by using fat-free substitutes or wanna-be concoctions (e.g. margarine). Furthermore, let's think about it...If the fat is removed from such ingredients, something is added back to it, to try and make it taste better -- duh!

So, for those who take my healthy cooking classes, follow my recipes from my convenient little cookbook Bringing Cooking Back my recipes are from the heart. I'm sensible about my food choices, mindful of eating, and I exercise. To me that's healthy. I'm trying to reach the masses and for the masses I believe this is the most reasonable approach. Most of us will never have a body of a cover model or have a athletes physique, but we can all prepare and eat good healthy wholesome food and be fit. That's my hope for me and for you. To the critics, I contend that eating home cooked meals are better than the alternatives. I've taken control of my health by cooking good wholesome meals at home. I urge you to join me. One day, maybe I'll have the opportunity of partnering with a nutritionist, until then...let's eat, drink, and be merry not gluttonous.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Missing: The gal with the go get it spirit at the gym.

I just don't know what's going on. I can't seem to find it. I just don't have the same go get it spirit I use to have for working out. I am the gal who would take back-to-back weight lifting, Zumba, boot camp, cycling classes. Trainers have told me I finish what most won't start. Where is that gal at now? I've tried and tried to find her, but she's MIA.

I don't really like group exercise classes so much anymore -- too crowded, noisy, and stinky. I'd prefer to workout on my own, but I've never really gotten a good routine going since my leg was fractured last year. My leg feels better, stronger, but I'm a little tentative about working out by myself because I kind of want someone there to make sure I can get up off the ground after push-ups, planks, etc. I know, I probably just need to erase the fear factor and do it, but... Also, I really want some new kick-butt routines that are suited for my healing leg. Heavy sigh.

Yesterday, was a turning point for me, I hated the way the gym smelled -- like stinky boys. Ugh. Despite the smell, I traveled back to the weight area where I usually love to hang out and flirt with the fellas, but that didn't even spark me. I left after a subpar bid on the bike and a few lat pulldowns.  What gives? I don't know. My goal of Fit by Forty is just about six months a way. I need to find the next gear. I desperately want to get to the next level, but truthfully I don't know how. I'm in need of a reboot. Resurgence.

This is hard, really, really hard. Battling obesity is the hardest battle I've ever fought.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

True Acceptance

Some back fat
170 pounds gone forever. Actually, it's now 173 pounds, but somehow I still look at myself and think...there's a lot of work yet to do. I saw a photo of myself taken at my cookbook signing and was surprised to see some back fat. Surely, after losing 173 pounds one would think the back fat would be gone. Humph, not only is it still very visible -- I'm still fat. That's a harsh reality. I've come so far, but still 60 - 70 pounds to go. I know, I know...I shouldn't say negative things, I shouldn't think negative thoughts. But, as I've mentioned before the inner stuff -- mental stuff is the hardest battle.

Considerably more back fat
The positive spin: I am no longer weighed down by 388 pounds, I have a considerably less amount of back fat, and I no longer shy away from social activities, quite the opposite. At 388 pounds, I wouldn't have left the confines of my home to be at such an event as a cookbook signing. And, certainly at 388 pounds it wouldn't have been my cookbook signing. The positive spin, the internal spin is looking beyond what can be seen on the outside. This is a process of finding myself. Loving myself. Truly accepting myself.

I'm the happiest and most content I've ever been in my life, back fat and all. But, I can't lie to you or myself and say that I don't look at the outside and wish for a trimmer figure. Perhaps these statements are a little contradictory. I am fat. I am not fat --Thank you.  I mentioned before sometimes my thoughts are imbalanced. My blog post are sort of my open diary and you just so happen to be privy to read it. I'm a work in progress in all areas. I don't want to get hung up on the way I look so much, but again I do have some improvements I want to make. I'm striving everyday to be better and seeking true acceptance of myself.

**In the middle of writing this post I had to run off to the dentist. In the waiting area I saw a magazine with this on the cover "Nobody's perfect. But everybody's trying!" 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Seasons Market & Farewell Fatso! Bringing Cooking Back

Partners - LeeAnn and me
I can honestly say, New Seasons Market is "The friendliest store in town."  My first encounter was by phone with LeeAnn, (Community Coordinator - Fishers Landing) in December. I told her about the launching of  Bringing Cooking Back, my involvement with the community, and of course of my weight loss. She was interested in having me in the store in some capacity, but admitted she was new to her position, the store was new, and it was the holiday season. She asked if we could connect sometime after the first of the year. Although I wanted things to happen right then, as I often do, I agreed to wait. They made it worth my wait. LeeAnn worked her magic -- had my books purchased for sale at the store in early January and then started waving her wand to have me in store for a book-signing.

Last night, the Fishers Landing store embraced me and the community with open arms.  I was there serving up samples of my tomato soup, signing books, conversing with great people, in a beautiful well-lit store surrounded by the friendliest staff and my loved ones. Oh, boy, I had a cheering section: My mother, my uncle, a high-school chum (arguably one of my biggest fans) and her aunt, a few of my other close friends dropped in, and to round it all out-- some of my loyal cooking class attendees joined me. A night I'll cherish forever.

New Seasons Market is not only the friendliest store in town, but they want to promote local authors, artists, and local stuff. They are willing to give folks like me a chance.  They are happy to give folks like me a chance.  New Seasons Market is a local store who hasn't gotten to big, still remembers where it came from.

And, this morning as I was still basking in last night's glory, I received this email from LeeAnn: "... I can’t thank YOU enough for finding me here at New Seasons Market and being so persistent from the start on being here with us. Last night was ‘a feather in my cap’ here at the store! I knew people would LOVE you and you came through like a rainbow - it was a great event and I hope we can do it again sometime soon! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Huh? They're thanking me? I'm the one who benefits most in my eyes. I'm the little fish in the pond. It took me a minute to wrap my head around it, but that's exactly the point. They want to help me Bring Cooking Back. They want to help me fulfill my dream. I'm proud to have found a partner in New Seasons Market.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bold Connections

Reflecting...The recipe for success --
  • Be bold. 
  • Ask for what you want and don't be afraid of being told no.
  • Don't shy away from hard work. Be willing and ready to work for what you want. 
  • Make connections. Connections are a vital part of getting what you want. Remember, it's not what you know, but who you know. We are all connected to one another. 
All the wonderful opportunities that have been presented to me are because I've asked for what I wanted, worked very hard for what I wanted, and I'm connected to some pretty awesome people.

I'm grateful and thankful for where I am in my life and to all of my awesome connections for helping me get here.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sugar on top of sugar

I'm so disgusted. A donut topped with Froot Loops. Who comes up with these gross concoctions? They're probably sitting around in a big fancy board room wearing suits -- "Hmm...I know, let's top sugar with more sugar." "Oh, and let's add some fat to it." They probably even have contest to see who can come up with the wildest creations.

Not sure if I'm more disgusted by the actual donut or the folks creating and promoting this type of sugary crap. I mean, really. Obesity is an epidemic here in America. Is anyone paying attention?  Promoting unhealthy crap like this is really distasteful. Sure, people don't have to buy it -- and they should NOT buy it, but why even create such garbage? Oh yeah, to line their pockets. Not just their pockets, but in turn health insurance, hospitals, you get my drift. Disgusted by sugar on top of sugar.

Friday, February 3, 2012

On empty

I hate to admit this -- only three days into February and five weeks into the new year and my tank seems to be on empty. I've been trying to rev up my energy level, but everything I've tried including working out has not helped. Not sure, what's going on. I am so excited about all my upcoming events. Perhaps, I'm overwhelmed by it all. Being a one-woman show means I do all the networking, follow-up, scheduling, marketing, and then there's showing up to the actual event. In between time, I'm on a mission to become Fit by Forty. And, let's not forget about all my other normal day-to-day activities. Heavy, heavy sigh. Suddenly, Fabulous February seems more like Frantic February. I'm running on fumes. I'm running on empty.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

No offense

Farewell Fatso! display at Cascade Park Library
Farewell Fatso! is my attempt to make light of some pretty heavy (no pun intended) matters: Obesity, childhood obesity, weight loss. When I created the blog and Facebook page I did mull the name over, ran it by my closest friends, and the final conclusion was well, Farewell Fatso! I realized that there may be some folks who would deem the name as offensive. Surprisingly, throughout all these months I've never had one person comment on the name. Until, today I was at the library where I'm due to speak later this month. I was  speaking with the librarian and checking out the HUGE poster advertising the event on display in the lobby. The librarian mentioned that she received a complaint saying that the name was offensive. The librarian explained that it was the name I chose and so ...

I can respect that some folks feel that it's offensive, but it's my way of dealing with my personal battle with obesity. For me losing 170 pounds to date, can't be done in silence or without a sense of humor. This is my way of dealing with my everyday struggles with food, exercise, and becoming the best person I can be. Although I hid behind it, and dressed it up for a long while -- being fat has caused me a lot of heartache. Being fat has made me feel less than. Being fat has held me back from living life to it's full potential. So when I started the journey to shed the pounds, really shed the pounds, and find myself the name that resonated with me-- was and still is Farewell Fatso! I'm saying goodbye to my old childhood nemesis, obesity and this is my way of doing it. It never was, nor is my intention
to offend anyone.

I've said it before many times and I'll say it again with pride -- For once and for all, Farewell Fatso!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fabulous February

2012 has started off with a bang. My greatest honor to date, Bringing Cooking Back my convenient little cookbook was assigned a dewey decimal number and is now available at the Fort Vancouver Regional Library and is also for sale on the shelves of New Seasons Market - Fisher's Landing.

The trend continues into February: 
  • I'm looking forward to spreading my love for good wholesome food with the community by hosting healthy cooking classes at Chuck's Produce & Street Market.
  • A cookbook signing and tasting at New Seasons Market.
  • I'll share my ideas and suggestions on healthy snacking options at Firstenburg Community Center.
  • A new addition...I'll be teaching a Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle 101 class at Cascade Athletic Club in Fisher's Landing.
  • My largest venue to date -- I'll speak at Cascade Park Library. This will be more than my weight loss story. I'll spend time discussing our current food industry and there will be informational handouts and a healthy snack will be provided. I love the public library system!
See the home page for details on all these events. 

I'm super-excited about what awaits me this February. I feel so lucky to have all these wonderful opportunities. I can truly say, "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

The Obesity Epidemic is REAL!

The evidence of an epidemic is everywhere.

· Two-thirds, more than 190 million Americans are
overweight or obese.

· Obesity-related diseases are a $147 billion dollar
medical burden every year.

· Childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years

Source: CBS News