Friday, February 24, 2012

Cool Honor

Lobby of library
Farewell Fatso! poster
Tomorrow, Saturday, February 25 I will have the privilege of speaking at a place I've long admired. A place that promotes literacy, books, and community activities -- the public library.

As a girl I loved going to the library and checking out tons of books. Story time was the highlight of many days. Libraries have come a long way. The architecture and design, the buzz, the technology, the various groups and story times, folks gathered in rooms to hear speakers such as myself, and the constant -- books, the abundance of books. What a cool place. Not only do I have the honor of having my cookbook on the shelves, but in about 24 hours I'll speak at the Cascade Park Community Library.

I was talking with my girlfriend about how excited I was about speaking at the library. I mentioned that maybe I am making to big a deal out of it. Maybe I should tone it down.  But, nah she agrees I have every right to be excited. Sharing my story with the community, in hopes to motivate, inspire, promote change -- in a cool place that I've always loved. This is a great honor. I'm going to shine, shine, shine.

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