Thursday, February 23, 2012

Organic Dilemma

I change my position. I once believed organic produce/ food was the way to go, but after further deliberation (reading, researching, conversing with other thinkers). Uh, no.

As typical with Americans, we've overdone it. We've lost our way. Now, organic food just comes down to business. The industry has strayed away from the very nature of what organic originally stood for - sustainable practices.  And has moved towards a typical food industry model: Mass production. Mass pollution. Mass distribution. 

If broccoli travels 2,000 miles by truck, is it still organic? I now see that it makes more sense to buy local produce. The food doesn't have to travel as far - environmentally friendly. Besides, most local farmers implement sustainable, organic practices, but just choose not to buy into the organic label. The organic label is regulated by the government and it cost money.  Also, supporting local farmers means stimulating the local economy. A win, win.

The way I see it:  Eat local produce that is conscientiously raised over corporately regulated organic. More importantly, eat fresh, whole food and prepare your meals at home. Include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Don't forget your water. Oh, and it would help to add some exercise to your regimen.

I'm reading a terrific informative book that has recipes too: Food Matters by Mark Bittman. Check it out.

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