Friday, February 10, 2012


Missing: The gal with the go get it spirit at the gym.

I just don't know what's going on. I can't seem to find it. I just don't have the same go get it spirit I use to have for working out. I am the gal who would take back-to-back weight lifting, Zumba, boot camp, cycling classes. Trainers have told me I finish what most won't start. Where is that gal at now? I've tried and tried to find her, but she's MIA.

I don't really like group exercise classes so much anymore -- too crowded, noisy, and stinky. I'd prefer to workout on my own, but I've never really gotten a good routine going since my leg was fractured last year. My leg feels better, stronger, but I'm a little tentative about working out by myself because I kind of want someone there to make sure I can get up off the ground after push-ups, planks, etc. I know, I probably just need to erase the fear factor and do it, but... Also, I really want some new kick-butt routines that are suited for my healing leg. Heavy sigh.

Yesterday, was a turning point for me, I hated the way the gym smelled -- like stinky boys. Ugh. Despite the smell, I traveled back to the weight area where I usually love to hang out and flirt with the fellas, but that didn't even spark me. I left after a subpar bid on the bike and a few lat pulldowns.  What gives? I don't know. My goal of Fit by Forty is just about six months a way. I need to find the next gear. I desperately want to get to the next level, but truthfully I don't know how. I'm in need of a reboot. Resurgence.

This is hard, really, really hard. Battling obesity is the hardest battle I've ever fought.

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