Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fresh air, perspective

A few days ago, I went on one of my tirades about losing my zest for working out. Those who have been following my blog, know that I always turn my rants into actions.

Hopeful to reboot, resurge I decided to lace up my tennis shoes and go outside and take a walk. After all, that's how this self-transformation / weight loss journey began. I figured since I'm struggling with how to get to the next round of this heavyweight bout...I'd return to my starting point.

As I walked the park, taking in the fresh air, sun beaming down on me I was reminded of the simple pleasures of daily life: I encountered a middle-aged fella walking his adorable little Karin dog, two young girls playing with a soccer ball, and an innocent teenaged couple walking hand-in-hand. I know, I keep saying this, but mostly this is a battle of the mind. The inner self. Walking was not really about the physical exercise, but more about the mental stimulation.  I feel somewhat better and encouraged after yesterday's walk, but I am still not ready to make my way back to the gym quite yet. It's going to take a few more walks to gain clarity about the direction I want to head for this final push to the finish line. Stay tuned...

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