Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Friendly Boost

Me and Kat circa 2008 -  I haven't seen her in forever!
You hear the toned down version of my ranting. My girlfriends on the other hand - whew! When I talk to them, I hold nothing back. They get the full spiel. They've seen me through the roughest times. Watching me self-destruct at 388 pounds surely wasn't easy. Especially, for my dear friend, Katina.  She's always been a lover of food like me, but she also has always been very active and into health and fitness. Over the years, she always pleaded with me to exercise and eat better, but I wasn't having it. Now that I've found my way she's one of my proudest supporters - the cookbook is dedicated to her.

The other day, I called Katina to chat. She's been super busy lately. Working on - get this - designing a restaurant in the Atlanta airport. She's an Interior Designer and a darn good one. Anyhoo, I told her that I was less than enthused about my stale workout routine. And, since my workouts have been non-existent my mid-section shows it. Come to find out like me she's been struggling with her workout regimen and is feeling it in her waistline too.   Although, I wish she weren't struggling. I'll admit, I was relieved to find out that I'm not alone. She's been living a healthy, fit lifestyle for as long as I can remember and she still runs into bumpy patches.

After conversing for a while we came up with a game plan for getting ourselves back on track. We decided to check in periodically over the next few days, weeks to make sure we are staying on track and keep each other encouraged, motivated.  Like good friends should, we are giving each other a friendly boost.

Lesson learned: Sometimes you can't do it alone. Sometimes you have to talk about it, seek support from others. Nothing wrong with that. The pursuit of health and fitness is just like any other component of our lives. We have to keep working on it, at it.

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