Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Seasons Market & Farewell Fatso! Bringing Cooking Back

Partners - LeeAnn and me
I can honestly say, New Seasons Market is "The friendliest store in town."  My first encounter was by phone with LeeAnn, (Community Coordinator - Fishers Landing) in December. I told her about the launching of  Bringing Cooking Back, my involvement with the community, and of course of my weight loss. She was interested in having me in the store in some capacity, but admitted she was new to her position, the store was new, and it was the holiday season. She asked if we could connect sometime after the first of the year. Although I wanted things to happen right then, as I often do, I agreed to wait. They made it worth my wait. LeeAnn worked her magic -- had my books purchased for sale at the store in early January and then started waving her wand to have me in store for a book-signing.

Last night, the Fishers Landing store embraced me and the community with open arms.  I was there serving up samples of my tomato soup, signing books, conversing with great people, in a beautiful well-lit store surrounded by the friendliest staff and my loved ones. Oh, boy, I had a cheering section: My mother, my uncle, a high-school chum (arguably one of my biggest fans) and her aunt, a few of my other close friends dropped in, and to round it all out-- some of my loyal cooking class attendees joined me. A night I'll cherish forever.

New Seasons Market is not only the friendliest store in town, but they want to promote local authors, artists, and local stuff. They are willing to give folks like me a chance.  They are happy to give folks like me a chance.  New Seasons Market is a local store who hasn't gotten to big, still remembers where it came from.

And, this morning as I was still basking in last night's glory, I received this email from LeeAnn: "... I can’t thank YOU enough for finding me here at New Seasons Market and being so persistent from the start on being here with us. Last night was ‘a feather in my cap’ here at the store! I knew people would LOVE you and you came through like a rainbow - it was a great event and I hope we can do it again sometime soon! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Huh? They're thanking me? I'm the one who benefits most in my eyes. I'm the little fish in the pond. It took me a minute to wrap my head around it, but that's exactly the point. They want to help me Bring Cooking Back. They want to help me fulfill my dream. I'm proud to have found a partner in New Seasons Market.

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