Client Feedback

From Clark College:

"I have had the pleasure of sitting in on two of Chrisetta Mosley’s guest lectures on sustaining a healthy lifestyle. We chose Chrisetta to be our guest speaker for Clark College’s Biggest Loser Program because of her charismatic and positive attitude, in addition to the many accomplishments and obstacles that she has overcome in her own life. Almost immediately we saw the motivation of our participant’s sky rocket during the program. I am positive that Chrisetta’s powerful words of encouragement and nutritional knowledge inspired our participants to new levels of desire in their fitness goals.

It is without hesitation that I would recommend Chrisetta Mosley for any situation that allows her to reach out to people and tell her story. From nutritional advice to life choices Chrisetta has the passion to bring the most out of an individual. I am confident that she has added an invaluable component to our Biggest Loser Competition, and I fully intend to bring her back for future programs."

Garet Studer

Fitness Center Co-Manager

From Cascade Park Community Library:

In the 14 years I have been the branch librarian for Cascade Park Community Library, I have encountered a number of people with ideas for programs or displays for the library. About 18 months ago, I was told that a woman named Chrisetta Mosley wanted to tell her story about her struggle to lose weight. I remember thinking that I couldn't visualize a library program based on her story. However I went out to meet her and discovered a charming charismatic woman who not only wanted to tell her story but also share her ideas for how other people could discover a healthier lifestyle.

Chrisetta was very professional. She showed me articles written about her in The Columbian, her blog and told me about her cooking classes at Chuck's Produce & Street Market.  I agreed to have her do her program. She was a passionate speaker. She was transparent with the audience.

Since then she has done several programs for the Cascade Park Community Library. One programs was watching the movie Fresh and then a panel discussion afterwards. Chrisetta did all the work, gathering people from the community with the credentials to discuss the topic. We have also done a cooking class and soon Chrisetta will be teaching a cooking class for teens at the library. Chrisetta also came up with the idea "Five or Fifty" -- a support group for people working on their weight. As Chrisetta says whether it is five or fifty pounds -- it is always hard work. The support group has meet here monthly since July, 2012.

In all these presentations, Chrisetta works hard to promote, and to come up with new ideas. She is a delightful person who is very easy to work with. She is definitely developing a following in the community. I am certainly pleased that Chrisetta took the bold move to present her ideas to me.

Teresa Torres
Cascade Park Community Librarian

From Chuck's Produce & Street Market:

"In the past two years I have had the opportunity and privilege of working closely with Chrisetta Mosley.
I coordinate classes and seminars for Chuck’s Produce and Street Market as well as set up events and Health Fairs, all of which I have reached out to Chrisetta to participate in. She has always been willing to help and is generous with her time. 

Chrisetta teaches cooking classes at least twice a month in our kitchen classroom. Her classes are always full. I always receive great feedback from our customers about her classes. She does more than show how to prepare food she educates about food.

Chrisetta shines and people are drawn to her charismatic and positive attitude. She is passionate about what she is doing and wants to help the community.

Chrisetta is a joy to work with and I would definitely recommend her for any cooking class, presentation, or any community event."

Angee Murray
Classroom Coordinator/Caterer


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