Friday, February 12, 2016

Health 100: Food And Your Health -- Winter 2016

I was back on campus at Clark College yesterday. This marks the fourth academic year my cookbook has been used in the curriculum.

It's crazy that I am paid to do something that I absolutely love to do! And to have the students appreciate and be inspired is the real reward. As always, it was great to be working with my mentor, Veronica.

Two classes. 60 + students are officially OUTSIDE of the box!

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My Mentor, Veronica


  1. Fun! My daughter is taking the online class spring quarter. Do you have a FB page?

  2. Hello there! I apologize for the delay in responding...yes, I have a Farewell Fatso! FB page as well as an Everyday Cooking with Chrisetta page.

    Hopefully, I'll get to meet your daughter in class spring quarter. :)



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Source: CBS News