Monday, October 25, 2010

No Limits

Tenatively lacing 'em up!
Most of my childhood was spent on the sidelines shying away from physical activities because I was overweight. But, things have changed. Now that I’m shedding the pounds, I’ve decided to reclaim my childhood, and so I continue to try things that I was unable or unwilling to try when I was younger. This weekend, I found myself at Skateworld shuffling around in a pair of roller skates.

My friend who invited me skating, loves to skate and he's  really good at it. So he spent most of the time skating at speeds I would never dare and making moves that I only can dream of. Meanwhile, I mostly shuffled the perimeter of the lobby -- very cautiously, I might add. After about 45 minutes of shuffling around, joking with my folks, and receiving encouraging words from everyone (Even a group of young ladies I didn’t know) I finally made my way to the actual rink. Oh my, was it slippery. I just held onto the ledge and kinda propelled my feet forward. I’m not sure what I was doing was really considered skating, but…I was out there, trying and having some fun while doing so. I’m sure I only skated a few feet but as pertrified as I was it seemed like I took the whole rink. 

With every new adventure I embark on, I’ve been thinking about the Chrisetta of the past. And, what's changed about me is my spirit, my will, and my desire. I’m no longer in the passenger’s seat -- I drive and I’m willing to take a few risks along the way. Like Vince Lombardi said, “It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.”

Kenny lending a hand

Mama keeping me encouraged

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