Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A part of the Family!

    So proud to be a part of the family!

    I've been self-employed, out and about in the community; sharing my passion for food and health for the past six years. In August, I accepted a full-time position with an awesome, growing, local health plan. I knew if I ever returned to work for an organization it would have to be at a place where their values lined up with mine. I found that place -- FamilyCare Health Plans. They've been proving themselves over and over. Today, I was featured in the October Employee Newsletter. You can read more, here >>>


    Chrisetta Mosley—touching lives in and outside of FamilyCare
    Chrisetta Mosley joins our Navigation Services team on the front lines of
    member navigation, fulfilling members’ every need, from changing PCPs to
    inputting referrals and authorizations. Chrisetta’s first foray into healthcare, however, was back in the ‘90s, when she held several roles at Providence Health & Services here in Portland.

    After years in the Seattle marketing scene, Chrisetta has returned to
    Portland, and has since made a splash as a budding cookbook author. Her
    journey to local fame began with a realization. “I’ve been overweight my
    entire life...There comes a time when you just can’t do [it] anymore.” From
    then on, her mission was clear: to regain control of her life. Through hard
    work and determination, Chrisetta lost 170 pounds and recorded her weight loss journey on a blog: Farewell Fatso! But Chrisetta thought, “I can do more than this...maybe there is something else [I am] meant to do.”
    Chrisetta’s passion for cooking had her creating and photographing
    healthful dishes at home. The pictures on her blog created a buzz at her
    local gym, and she was soon compiling the dishes into her first cookbook, Bringing Cooking Back.

    The success of her cookbook caught the attention of a professor at Clark College in Vancouver, WA, where Chrisetta was also teaching cooking classes at a local food market. Chrisetta was asked to develop a second cookbook, strictly for students at Clark College. This is now the third year that Shop, Cook, Eat: Outside of the Box with Chrisetta Mosley has been a required textbook for Clark’s health students. Chrisetta has been touching lives in and around Portland, and we’re happy she’s here continuing the
    mission at FamilyCare. Please welcome Chrisetta Mosley to the family.

    The 5th person to introduce him/herself to Chrisetta Mosley will receive a free casual day. Chrisetta will write names on a Meet-and-Greet Contest sheet and present it to Communications once all ten slots are filled. The winner will be notified via email. Chrisetta is on the 13th floor. Let’s give her a warm welcome!

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