Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Large and in Charge

Yesterday, my daughter walks in my room with a blouse she had never worn. She asked, “Mom do you want this?” I’m looking at the crisp white wide collar blouse thinking umm… I can’t fit that. I grab the blouse from her to further examine it, the tag indicates size L. Yeah right, no way - I can fit it, it’s a large from a department store. For whatever reason, probably a tinge of hope it might work, I still decided to check the blouse out. So I’m pulling the fabric and tracing the outline of the blouse. All along she’s saying “I think you can fit it.” After a few more minutes of debating back and forth with her (really it was all the internal demons), I tried the blouse on… Low and behold the blouse fit. Yes, it fit!

Humph. Shake my head. I’m still in disbelief as I write - I can wear a large from a department store. Does size really matter? Yes and no. But, in this particular situation, size matters so much to me. It’s not just about the blouse being a  large, but more importantly it’s yet another barrier I’m breaking through. My entire adult life I’ve been confined to shopping exclusively at plus-sized stores, but it looks like that too is coming to an end. I’m large and in charge, and lovin’ it!

Stay tuned… she has a size 14 denim skirt I’m eyeing.


  1. OMG OMG so awesome! Great Job!

  2. From someone who can now shop in regular stores, HELL YES SIZE MATTERS! WHOO HOOO! DOING THE HAPPY DANCE! GO SETTA, GO SETTA! Can't wait to see pics of the new clothes as they come trickling in!!

  3. M -

    Thanks! I still wonder if somehow the wrong label was put in the shirt though. See how those darn internal demons are.

  4. Shannon -

    Woo hoo! I know you share in my joy - size 10. :) I'm soon to bid farewell to Lane Giant forever. What a tremendous feeling!


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