Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Perfect Fit

Ladies: I’m sure y’all can appreciate what I’m ‘bout to say. Fellas: Consider yourselves warned – the subject matter may be more than you care to hear about it. Anyway, since I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight, my clothes aren’t the only items sagging. Oh my goodness, my undergarments. I should be ashamed of myself wearing raggedy underpants like the ones I have currently in rotation. In my defense, however, since I’m still working on loosing weight I don’t want to buy new undies quite yet. That’s a pretty lame excuse, isn’t it? Secretly, I really want to hold out on buying new ones until I can shop at Victoria's Secret.

As if my underwear weren’t already embarrassing, the bras I’ve been wearing are disgraceful. Bras are supposed to support and give a neat appearance – ha! Not the ones I owned, spillage, sagging, and more spillage -- until finally, I had enough! On Monday, I finally broke down and went to Lane Bryant for a bra fitting. Soon as the clerk, Dawn, started inching towards my bra she could tell it was way too big. Heck, even the untrained eye could tell it was too big. Dawn was astonished when she compared the measurements with the old bra size I was wearing. Needless to say, my bra size decreased tremendously. On a quest, to figure out which bra would work best for me, I tried on several different styles, different colors, and even different sizes. Yikes! What an overwhelming experience. An hour later I left the mall with the perfect fitting bra. Ahh, it feels good to have support and no spillage. Now, I need to buy new underpants. So, not to overwhelm myself, one thing at a time.


  1. That is on my to do list. My trainer keeps mentioning it, so it must be bad. LOL Having a good bra makes everything look more put together, and we know you always look put together!! Congrats on the new bra! Maybe I'll go...

  2. Shannon -

    Thank you. Thank you. You keep me encouraged. :)

    Yeah, if your training is mentioning it - probably a good idea. LOL. And, yes once the boys are back in school you should head to the mall and get yourself a new bra or two.


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