Thursday, April 26, 2012

Healthy and sick

I pride myself on working out, eating whole fresh foods, and resting -- the key ingredients to health.

Such as life, there are periods were my habits are better, more consistent than others. The last few weeks, I found myself really dialed in on all areas. I was feeling really good everything was going swell.  Working out hard with my new training team, Northwest Personal Training, really mindful of my food choices, and proper rest every night. I even made sure to take a day off from exercising mid-week. Being extra-cautious not to burn myself out.

I was on a roll. The blog's readership hit 25,000, working on a real huge project, cookbook signing at Clark College, and coordinating the FRESH viewing at the library.

Then out of nowhere...Bitten by the flu bug. Bitten hard by the flu bug. It's been awful. Not only the physical discomforts: Body aches, chills, coughing, fever, and loss of appetite. There's something about being sick that makes me feel so vulnerable. So weak.

I've been sidelined for the past two weeks. No interest in blogging, food, or much of anything.  I'm slowly regaining my strength and my smile is back too. Being sick has surely made me appreciate my good health all the more. Even the healthiest people get sick sometimes.

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