Monday, September 10, 2012

Mirror Mirror

I've been obese my entire life so it's a little absurd for me to believe I can erase the years and years of unhealthy behaviors overnight. For goodness' sakes I use to weigh a mortifying 388 pounds.

Today, I'm 170 pounds lighter, healthier, and happier. But, it's been a while since I've recorded a lost in weight or inches. The good news is I haven't gained any weight or increased in inches either. So, it's safe to say I'm able to maintain, and the practices I've adopted in my life are sustainable.

I tell myself, maybe I'm suppose to be here in this space. Maybe this is what's comfortable for my body right now. And yes my thoughts are sort of contradictory, but like I've said before my blog is my diary and you just so happen to be privy to read it. Bear with me.

I have to remind myself, this is no yo-yo, fad diet. I'm not seeking a quick fix. I'm creating a healthy lifestyle for myself by eating a wide variety of fresh, whole food, discovering new things beyond food, exercising, and reaching out to the community along the way. I'm proud of myself. It's taken an awful lot of discipline and deep inward stares at myself to lose and keep the weight off.  I've taken a whole lot of negative and turned it into a whole lot of positive.

Yet and still, the other day when I caught my reflection in the mirror, it caused me to pause and ask myself "Are you  giving it your all?" Sure, I've been busy, busy, writing my latest cookbook. Sure, I've been busy facilitating community meetings, speaking at various events, and hosting cooking classes. But those things encompass my life. Shouldn't I be able to balance it all? Heavy sigh. I'd like to think -- yes.  I'm going to have to figure out a way to make them all fit together and still work towards my fitness and weight loss goals.

Because of my weight loss success, folks, ask me all the time, "What makes me stay with it?" It's simple, I look in the mirror. A journey of this sorts takes a consistent commitment. Evaluation of self -- onus. Discipline. Accountability. I've come this far by being honest with myself, about my goals, whether or not I'm giving 100 percent. If I find that I'm not giving 100 percent. I call myself out, confront myself. I'm a no non-sense type gal, who doesn't make a lot of excuses. So my latest glimpse in the mirror has me on a new mission. A mission to put all the pieces together.

Mirror mirror I seek balance. Balance so that I can do all the things that I enjoy: blogging, authoring cookbooks, hosting cooking classes, speaking to the community, all while I continue to work on my health and fitness goals.

A look at my transition over the years...

It's more than the physical weight I've lost. It's more about the inner strength and peace I've found.

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