Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This thing MUST be broke!

For the last two and a half weeks the scale has not moved. I was sure the darn thing was broke until I tried the scale at the gym and the same numbers appeared. Apparently, my body has caught on to my exercise and diet regimen and is forcing me to re-evaluate. Instead, of becoming discouraged I’m just marveling at how amazing the human body is. I mean really, it won’t let me get away with the same old routine. I need to do something different. Keep challenging myself. So it’s time to re-evaluate my routine because backing down or giving up are NOT options.

I think it’s important I mention that although the scale is not moving my body is changing and I have slimmed down. I take photos to chronicle my progress and I can tell the difference in my upper body and in my face since my last official weigh in. I say this because I want to make sure I emphasis that the scale is not the only way to measure one’s success. Clearly, it’s a tool that is used to help measure progress but not solely relied on. I think I keep hopping on it only to make myself crazy or crazier.

**Ironically, about a week ago one of my FB followers asked me about breaking through a plateau and here’s what I told her. I guess it’s time I follow my own advice.

Plateaus are sooo frustrating. They can make the most determined people give up. So… First, don't give up. Secondly, re-evaluate your game plan. You can't keep doing the same thing and get different results. If you usually take cycling class four times a week and jog three days then switch it to kickboxing and weightlifting or… Main thing is to keep your body guessing. Our bodies are complex and they need to be challenged. If you were loosing weight with a certain workout routine it may help just to tweak the routine a little. Next, and MOST important is your diet. I’m not big on counting calories but I’ll say this, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meats, nuts, and water are your staples. Also, breakfast is very, very important because it gets your metabolism going. Try to eat six times a day no more than three hours a part. Apples and raw almonds are great portable snacks.  Lastly, did I mention not to give up? Okay, good. Stay at it!!! Just make some adjustments. Slow and steady wins the race there is no quick fix to change your lifestyle. I hope this helps. It brings me great pleasure to pass on advice/encouragement so please feel free to ask anytime. Ironically, I just came from the gym when I saw your post and a trainer there was telling me next year this time I’d be a trainer myself. Hmm… smile. 

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