Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Champion Blood

I love tennis. Nothing like a tennis match,  finesse and grit. I've long said that in my next life -- I want to be a tennis star.

This weekend, I watched one of tennis' greatest rivalries Rafael Nadal vs. Roger Federer play one another for the French Open championship. Both men are champions, however, Nadal is "King Of The Red Clay." Nadal got off to a shaky start and was broken by Federer his first service game. Federer looked very much in control of the first set...Until the beast in Nadal was awakened. As a spectator, I've watched plenty of tennis matches and slow starts do occur. Maybe the player isn't quite warmed up? Nervous? Who knows. The one thing I do know is great players, champions know how to win. When things get tough on the court they keep their composure and find a way to continue playing their game. Sunday's match was no different. After Nadal started off looking a little subpar for his standards. He pulled the first set away from Federer. The first set really, really belonged to Federer, but Nadal believed in his heart he could win. He had been in this type of situation before. So he saw past the fact that he was a little down. When his first service game was broken he didn't let that rattle him. Why? Because he knows he can win. His record indicates it. So being down a few points didn't bother him. He's a champion.

My weight loss and fitness journey are comparable to a tennis match. When my opponent seems to have the best of me I find ways to keep my composure and play my game. I know within myself I have a winning record and so a few broken service games don't rattle me. Instead, it motivates me, challenges me to find other ways to win. Like Nadal, I've been at this for a while and so I know within myself I can win. I have champion in my blood.

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