Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"All the things I like"

Marissa -- OUTSIDE of the Box
I was hangin' with my friend, Patricia, and time flew by as it often does when I'm with her. Something about me and her we just have this special bond. Anyhow, before we knew it our play time was up. She needed to pick up her youngest daughter, Marissa from preschool.

As soon as Marissa got in the car she says, "Mommy, I'm hungry." Patricia offered to stop to pick her up a bite to eat. It was like a symphony. Music to my ears...Marissa said, "No. No. I want to go home so I can have all the things I like." How sweet is that? Super sweet!

Little Marissa could have chose to eat out. The offer was made, but she declined. Instead, she wanted her mommy to make her food in their kitchen. She wanted to eat and enjoy food in the confines of her home. Good job, Patricia. You make me proud. You are creating lifetime food memories for your children. At the young age of four, Marissa is already OUTSIDE of the Box!

Parents: A child's food preferences, habits, and his/her relationship with food are determined at HOME. Remember, you set the standards. Set them high. You create their food memories. Choose wisely.

The things she likes

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