Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Having spent my entire life overweight, I've had a number of people encourage me to lose weight: family, friends, doctors, and even strangers -- in their own strange way. My aunt Lenora went so far as to offer me money as an incentive to shed the pounds.

There were times when I was downright irritated by the suggestions, times when I truly considered the suggestions, and times when I actually attempted to lose weight and was unsuccessful.

In retrospect, the number of people who offered me advice throughout the years were planting seeds. Seeds of encouragement. Seeds of hope. Seeds of change. It wouldn't be until I finally hit MY rock bottom that I was willing to make the necessary changes to lose weight, but these people impacted my change -- indirectly or directly.  Some crops sprout and grow in a few weeks, others take months, and some take years.  But with patience and care the crops will grow.

Thank you to all the people who planted seeds in me.

"Plant a seed and watch it grow." 

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The Obesity Epidemic is REAL!

The evidence of an epidemic is everywhere.

· Two-thirds, more than 190 million Americans are
overweight or obese.

· Obesity-related diseases are a $147 billion dollar
medical burden every year.

· Childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years

Source: CBS News