Monday, April 8, 2013

Unfufilled: A childhood memory

Stew getting me adjusted
As a child, I watched from the sidelines of the school playground while the other kids hung from monkey bars, teetered on teeter-totters, jumped rope, and played all the games that children play. At home, I watched neighborhood friends, hop on their bikes and ride freely and effortlessly. I was always fearful to join in, because, you see, being overweight prohibited me. My youthful heart wanted to be out there jumping, skipping, riding, but my over-sized body kept me from the fun.

So, instead of the magical memories most associate with being a kid and playing outside. My childhood memories are of not being able to ride a bike, flattening its training wheels from being over the recommended weight, and avoiding physical activities by any means necessary.

But, I'm not one to dwell on the past. Besides, like Eminem said: "I guess, I had to go, to that place to get to this one." Here I am, today, and I've yet to learn to ride a bike. However, along my weight loss and get fit journey -- I've lost the fear factor. I now have a burning desire to overcome all the things that once held me back. And riding a bike is high up there on my bucket list!

I'm super-excited that my friend, Angela, has offered to give me a bike that she's not using. She's even going to help me learn how to ride it! Oh, what fun this will be. Of course, I'll update you on my riding adventures.

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