Sunday, June 23, 2013 Party @ Paola's

I've been here, there, and everywhere in the community teaching cooking classes and delivering healthy food presentations. Now I want to bring my passion for food and cooking right to you in the comfort of your home. Instead of going out, invite your friends or gather your family for a Party!  A Party is a fun way to learn and share new recipes and simple cooking techniques.

Cooking can be a delicious, fun social event. Take a look-see at Paola's Friday Girls' Night themed party!

Paola and I at the grocery store

The lovely hostess, Paola  

The crowd
A nice mix of friends, professional women (an insurance agent, lawyer, interpreter, educator, an upcoming star) and mothers coming together for an evening of fun and looking for new Outside of the Box recipes.

The personalized menu:
 Lettuce Wraps with made from scratch Teriyaki Sauce
Simple Slaw with homemade Peanut Sauce
Kale Chips
No-Bake Oatmeal Energy Bars

The experience
Let me tell you...These Latina women know their way around the kitchen. Since they all cook at home regularly after our introductions and a little chit-chat we started right in  prepping and cooking.

Ivonne hand-chopping the Simple Slaw

Myrna mincing ginger

Ivonne & Myrna prep, prep, prepping

Mother (Rosalba) & Daughter (Saylem)

Delicious, fun


Ready to serve
The table's set

It's time to enjoy the meal

"It's my pleasure to sign your cookbooks"

This was a wonderful evening full of laughter, good food, and good times. Party!

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