Thursday, March 17, 2011

Game On!

“I’m not going to gain a single pound while I’m sidelined,” I told my girlfriend with conviction when my leg was fractured four weeks ago. So far, so good. Today, marks one month since the accident and I’ve lost four pounds, in the last four weeks. Yay me!

My assistant coach, as he likes to call himself, is helping me stay on track with my diet. The plan is to follow somewhat of a Paleolithic diet or sometimes referred to as a Caveman diet. Don’t be alarmed this is not some freakish, fad diet. The concept is to eat foods that are naturally grown and raised. Kind of like our hunter/gather ancestors use to -- plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, lean meat, and fish. As disciplined as I am, rather than set myself up for failure I’ve already decided that occasionally I will allow myself to have grains, dairy, or perhaps some chocolate.  Those occasions will be exceptions and NOT the rule.

My goal is to lose a minimum of a pound a week for the remainder of my recovery time -- ten weeks. I am solely relying on my diet since my exercise will be limited. Studies have shown that diet is the most important element when losing weight. I don’t want to discount the benefits of exercise because it is important for overall health and mood. I love exercising, so believe you me, as soon as I am able to return full strength I will be, oh so happy to do so.

Doubters: Think of me as your case study. For the next ten weeks I will show you exactly why exercise is overrated when it comes to losing weight. Let the game begin!

Check out this video - You can't out train a bad diet:

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