Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Light of Mine

Typically, out of everything bad comes something good. With that said, having a fractured leg has altered my lifestyle in some negative ways. Rather than dwell, I’ll highlight the good. During this recovery time I’ve needed help with every day tasks shopping, cooking, cleaning, showering, and everything in between. While, my mother and friends have been helpful, it's my daughter, Jasmyn who has shined. I'm very domestic and so naturally I instilled domestic qualities in Jasmyn, however, in my time of need she has taken it to another level. In the past few weeks, she’s nurtured me, taken on the household chores, and I’ve watched her kitchen skills go from ordinary to extra-ordinary. It's worthy that I mention she's done all this while completing her Senior year of high school and practicing for a spot on her school's Varsity tennis team.

Today, Jasmyn turns 18 and I have a wild hunch these past weeks she’s spent caring for me was also time for me to pass on some final pointers for her passage into adulthood. I’m very pleased with what I’ve seen. I’m beaming with pride. I'm confident, she’s prepared to leave the nest.  Universe, please be kind to my baby girl. “This little light of mine I’m gonna to let it shine….”

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