Thursday, October 4, 2012

Clark College: Outside of the Box

This was no ordinary book signing. This was a celebratory book signing. Clark College Bookstore was buzzing with enthusiastic students, staff, and folks from the community --  eager to hear my story, learn healthful tips, talk about food, and of course get their cookbooks signed.  I'm honored to have my cookbook on the shelves as a required book for Health 100 and thrilled to be a part of the Clark College community.

Thanks to Marti for planning the event and having everything set-up when I walked in the store. To the entire staff of the Clark College Bookstore for having me.

Thanks to all the wonderful students, staff, and folks from the community who stopped in to buy books, get their copies signed, and chat with me about food and life.

The Health and Physical Education department for believing in me to author the cookbook. Forever grateful for the opportunity!

And of course the one and only, Veronica Brock -- my angel.

May I NEVER become numb to moments such as these.

Clark College Penguins -- Happy Shopping, Cooking, and Eating!
           For Veronica -- In Food and In Health 
 I heard from several folks after the signing -- here's what they said:

"Met an inspirational ball of energy today at the Clark College Bookstore. Thank you Chrisetta for signing my copy of "Shop, Cook, Eat Outside of the Box". I am excited to try your healthy recipes." ~Sami

"I'll never eat canned chili again. Yours is so yummy. My father and brother want me to make it again."~Rachel

"Chrisetta, you're terrific!! We loved having you visit the store today. Write another book and let's do it again" ~ Marti

"Hey. It was a pleasure meeting you today! God bless. ~Evelina

"That was fun! You are doing good things in the world." ~Veronica

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