Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My big mouth

Oh my, what have I done? One too many email exchanges and I’ve committed myself to participate in a half marathon. First off, I’m not even a runner. Secondly, I don’t really want to be a runner. Although I have experienced the runner’s high before and I admit I do kind of like it. Next, and probably most importantly I have some pretty bad knees. Megan, however, agreed that I could pull this off. And, without her approval, well I just wouldn't do it. At this point, she knows what my physical limits are more than I do.

Yesterday, I met with a girlfriend who shared her marathon experience with me and a neighbor recently gave me her insights too. The consensus is that I should run part and walk part. My goal is to run at least five miles. I hear this guy Jeff Galloway’s program is the best to follow. He prescribes that you run and walk in intervals the whole course. So following his theory, Megan, and countless other folks who will feed me information I’m sure to meet the challenge.  But, just so we’re clear -- I’m petrified. How on earth are my legs going to carry me 13.1 miles? In 130 days I’ll find out. I guess, I should shut my fat trap and get to training. Heavy sigh. Me and my big mouth.


I’m training for the Vancouver USA Marathon. That does sound kind of cool. Oh and the bragging rights after completion will be so sweet.

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