Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Food Addict

Grubbin' on
Sautéed Collard Greens
Hi. I’m Chrisetta. I’m a food addict.

Hi Chrisetta.

I’ve abused food my entire life. One of my worst food abuse memories: Piling up a plate with four homemade ground beef tacos, Mexican rice, and refried beans topped with melted cheese. A drink laden with sugar would wash down the highly caloric meal. Shortly, after consuming all the fats and sugars, I’d find myself nodding off to sleep. Since I was at home (I never would be seen in public eating this way), I wouldn’t fight the feeling. Instead, I’d go to bed on a full, very full stomach.

The years and years of abuse caught up to me, my weight had reached a mortifying 388 pounds, and my health became a concern. I was having trouble breathing and walking. Fed up – I decided enough is enough.

Unlike a drug or alcohol problem with food you have to still use. There’s no putting down the fork. Rather, I’ve had to confront my addiction – one bite at a time.

First, I made a commitment to myself. I understood the gravity of beating my addiction and I figured it best to sign a contract with myself. Next, the hardest part -- create a new relationship with food. I had to change the way I think about food. How I interact with food. And, of course, I had to change the types of foods I eat and how I prepare them.

Not to overwhelm myself, I started with small changes. No to sugary drinks. Yes to water. Bye-bye boxed, processed food. Hello, meals from scratch. My relationship with food is ever changing and my food choices today look quite different than when I started kicking the habit.

I’m proud to say, I have successfully created a healthy relationship with food. I respect food and honor my body. I no longer overeat, nor do I eat when I'm not hungry. Today, I eat to fuel my body, not my emotions.

After years, of retraining myself I now enjoy food without abusing it. I prepare 99 percent of my meals from scratch at home using fresh, whole foods. I also channel my love for food by sharing with the community: Teaching cooking classes and writing cookbooks.

Thank you, Chrisetta.

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