Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sweat does the body good

Nothing like a good sweaty workout. The more I sweat in a workout, the more accomplished I feel. Ooo wee! I love when I'm riding hard in cycling and drips of sweat hit the floor. That hasn't always been the case.

When I was a bigger gal my internal thermostat always ran hot. Walking at a normal pace caused me to break out in a serious sweat. Beads of sweat would form on my nose -- so embarrassing. I hated that. And working out as a bigger gal caused my thermostat to run real hot, much hotter than everyone else.  I'd be on the treadmill, sweating profusely and huffing and puffing. Sure, others were sweating too, but it was all that internal, negative stuff...I felt like everyone was staring at me because I was the big gal. I felt so, so embarrassed.

Those days are behind me. My internal thermostat runs average and I no longer sweat from a normal walk. I do, however, still sweat profusely from working out, but -- duh, I'm suppose to sweat; I'm working out. I'm breathing harder, exerting energy, working muscles.

I read recently in an article that sweating is our body's way of:
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Releasing toxins and impurities (think steam room, sauna)
  • Increasing metabolism
    So, these days, I welcome beads of sweat. Sweating does the body good.

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