Thursday, May 10, 2012

Test Kitchen: No-bake Whole Food Energy Bars

I was super-excited to receive my first assignment for the upcoming cookbook. The team has asked me to include a whole food energy bar recipe in the book. Uh, one small issue...I've never tasted a whole food energy bar, let alone made one. I hear Lara Bars are the "In thing." So, first up, sample a couple of Lara Bars. I tried the Cashew Cookie and Chocolate Coconut Chew. They tasted pretty good.
  • Find a few base recipes using the ingredients listed on the Lara Bar packages
  • Tweak the recipes and put my spin on them
  • The fun part -- make the bars
I created three different bars-- no names for them yet. Simple (five or less) whole food ingredients. No additives. No sugar. No baking.

Here's a peek of testing,  Bar #1:

Ingredients for Bar #1

Pulsing ingredients for Bar #1
Finished product, Bar#1

Score card:

Level: Easy

+ : They were very fresh. You could just taste the goodness. Especially the Cranberry Almond one-- the cinnamon came alive in the mouth. The chocolate coconut one was perfectly sweet. The Cashew bar was salty, sweet.

-: Maybe a little too crumbly. Maybe more nuts to give them a firmer texture. Or place them in the fridge for a while. Hmm... Also, adjust the recipe to make a large serving.

Comments: I'll re-test again and have the team sample for their input. Overall simple, fresh, and delicious.

Grade: A -

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