Monday, May 7, 2012

Takin' it to the streets

Surprise! Surprise! Mid-way through this morning's boot camp we took our drills to the streets. It was kinda cool. Refreshing.

Our first drill was to sprint a block then drop for 10 push-ups, repeat x 4. Back to the studio for drills including burpees, chopping wood exercises, and ski monologues (I think that's what Jenna called them). Then, back outdoors for another drill this time partnered up: Running up the hill with thick rubber band around our waist partner pulling behind us for resistance. These exercises can be performed indoors, but being outside changes the dynamics of the workout. The pavement has cracks and grooves. Making it a more challenging workout. It's kinda nice to mix things up and get some fresh air.

Never the same workout at Northwest Personal Training they are full of surprises. I'm diggin' my new training studio -- they take it to the streets.

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