Friday, May 25, 2012

Test Kitchen: Oatcakes

The best part of writing a cookbook -- testing the recipes!

My upcoming cookbook will focus on the use  of fresh, whole foods to create "Outside of the Box" meals.  We all get a sweet tooth now and again and I don't want us to be deprived. So, I've been browsing recipes to find dessert items that use whole food ingredients. I found an appealing Oatcake recipe from Heidi Swanson that fits the bill. Yesterday, I opened the test kitchen and put my spin on Heidi's recipe.


Rolled oats
Whole wheat pastry flour 
Aluminum-free baking powder
Sea salt
Flax seeds
Chopped walnuts
Dried apricots
Dried cherries
Coconut oil
Unsalted butter
Pure maple syrup
Demerara sugar

Score card:

Level: Moderate

+ : Biting into oats, nuts, seeds just made me feel good. Lightly sweetened and dense.
-: Oops, I over-toasted the walnuts. 

Comments: While I liked the crumbly, drier texture I'm not sure that others would appreciate it -- they were more like a scone. Retest.

Grade: C

Shop, Cook, Eat: Outside the Box...
Coming Fall '12

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