Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cookbook writing, fun

So I told y'all already that I've been asked by a very reputable organization to write a cookbook for them. What a great honor!
Still not ready to divulge the name of the organization that I'm writing for quite yet, but it's local and BIG. 

Anyhoo, I am knee deep in cookbooks, articles, and emails going back and forth between the department whom I'm writing for. We're still determining which recipes will be in the cookbook. This is a special population I'm writing for so we really want to tailor the recipes to meet their needs. For now, I'm writing the introduction, how to cook basics, citing sources, etc. Also trying to create the look and feel of the book. Once we determine the recipes, I'll move onto recipe development and testing. Seriously, is this my life? I love it!

Shop, Cook, Eat: Outside The Box © coming Fall 2012.

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