Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why cook?

I'm super-excited about my upcoming cookbook, Shop, Cook, Eat: Outside of the Box.

Here's a sneak peek of a section from the book:

You owe it to yourself to cook. Cooking at home in your kitchen using fresh,whole ingredients is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Remember, “You are what you eat.” So, fuel your body with fresh food prepared in your very own kitchen. Also, consider the following facts:

• Cooking gives you freedom. You are free from the boxed, processed foods and restaurant fare which can be low in nutrients and high in calories, sodium, and other additives. By cooking meals from scratch you take the guesswork out of reading packaged labels – you know exactly what ingredients are used.

• Preparing meals at home can save you money too, and in the long run -- time. You’ll want to set aside time in your schedule to grocery shop, prep, and cook. It’s easier than you think – you just have to make a plan and stick to it. Think of grocery shopping as a hunting/gathering adventure and you’re out to find the best ingredients at low prices.

• Cooking can be a social event. You can show off your culinary skills by providing a meal for friends, and perhaps enlist their help prepping the vegetables. There’s nothing like preparing and sharing a good meal with family and friends while chatting and laughing.

Cooking is a creative process so let loose and have fun! Use the recipes in this book as your guide and as you gain confidence. Feel free to experiment – that’s how some of the best dishes are created.

Never cooked much? No worries. This book is designed for any beginner in the kitchen and will show you how to shop, prepare, and cook delicious simple meals: Outside of the Box.

Happy shopping, cooking, and eating!

2012 © Chrisetta Mosley

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