Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Northwest Personal Training: Steps OUTSIDE of the Box

It's always a fun time when Northwest Personal Training (NWPT) hosts an event. Last night, was delicious fun and I just so happened to be the hostess. It was a great honor and pleasure to be invited to share my story, my love for good real food, and passion for health, fitness, and life with NWPT clients.

The cool thing about doing what I do, is no matter the audience I mostly always reach them with new information, inspiration, encouragement. The NWPT folks last night would prove no different. Sometimes it could be a tidbit:  Kale can be frozen. A new found kitchen gadget. Fresh lemon juice adds a bright flavor without any calories to a number of dishes.

The more events I host I realize my concept of being OUTSIDE of the Box is simply a reminder to folks. A reminder of how simple it is to prepare real food.  A reminder that Shopping, Cooking, Eating OUTSIDE of the Box allows us to not only take control of our health and our lives, but it gives us freedom. Somewhere along the way, somehow we got BOXED in, and lost our freedom and creativity.  It's darn cool to show folks how simple it is to step OUTSIDE of the Box.  It's even cooler to end the evening with a hug from a lady who you met only a couple of hours ago.

NWPT you are more than a training studio, and I'm proud to be a part of the NWPT family. An extra-special thanks to Kristin for organizing everything and Cindy for being my personal assistant. You two are AWESOME.

NWPT is officially OUTSIDE of the Box.

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