Monday, January 7, 2013

Not a good fit

I'm a very observant person. I usually can read between the lines and I pick up on stuff really quick. It's the journalist in me. So, it was quite a surprise, a shock really when I was called into my manager's office that afternoon -- Friday, November 13th, 2009.

I was so engrossed in my work that day that I did not pick up on it. I was being dismissed. Let go. Fired. When I asked why. She explained the company was an at-will employer and didn't have to divulge why. As you can imagine, I was perplexed. I mean, I really didn't see this coming. So here I am in her office being let go and all she can say is "we're an at-will employer." Huh? I press further and further.  Her last and final answer, "You're just not a good fit."

So, I packed up my things and left. The next few months I found myself in quite a rut. An emotional, spiritual rut. Those were some dark moments. It's tough when you are forced to have to look at yourself. Really look at yourself. But, you know what? I am so grateful for that time.

I share this story when I give a presentation because it's a very important part of my story. It's how I come to find myself. Sure, day-by-day I was getting by as a marketing assistant and I was doing my best at it. But, I was so boxed in. No room for any creativity. No room for me to share with others. No room for me to help others. No room for me to inspire others.

You know what, Jill? You were right -- I am not a good fit. Thank you for recognizing it. Thank you for sending me on a path of self-discovery so that I could find my right fit. Today, I do all the things I love. Today, I'm completely outside of the box!

Author/Blogger/Speaker/Culinary Goddess
~Chrisetta Mosley

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