Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Up to the Challenge

Clark College! Whew. What an experience. It was so cool to be the lecturer in the very same room, OSC 204 I sat in as a student just over a year ago. Thanks Steve and Garet from the Thompson Fitness Center for inviting me.

Last week, I had the great pleasure and honor of holding four lectures over three days for Clark College's Biggest Loser Challenge. I believe I did what I sought to do -- encourage, inspire, and motivate. ""I've been asked by your trainers and professors to speak to you today because I have a story to tell that the textbooks can't. I have a story to tell that will resonate with you as you begin your journey to health and fitness. I am your real example. I am your real life Biggest Loser. I've been there, done that -- am doing that. That's why most of you can relate to me. I'm not a Biggest Loser contestant on TV being worked by a staff of personal trainers and fed by personal chefs. I'm not an airbrushed Weight Watchers celebrity spokesperson. I'm right here in the midst of life trying to figure it all out too. I'm your real example. I'm your Biggest Loser."

In turn, as often the case I was inspired as well. I really love the vibe on campus, the energy -- learning, thinking, growing. Professor Mosley? Hmm...maybe. I'll also be on campus seven times next month!

 Here's some of the photos from my time on campus.

Tuesday, January 22 -- Lecture 1 & 2

Thursday, January 24 -- Lecture 3

Friday, January 25 -- Lecture 4 -- The grand finale

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