Wednesday, March 6, 2013

KBOO 90.7 FM: Wednesday Talk Radio

It's always a fun, talkative time with Lisa Loving and The Baker Sisters. Though, I've never been in the company of them all. Today, was my lucky day, I had the pleasure of being LIVE on the radio with these fabulous women. March is Colon Cancer month so we spent the hour talking about colon cancer: Screening, prevention, and here's where I came in -- the importance of eating healthy foods OUTSIDE of the Box. Listen to the PODCAST here.

A little history: The Baker Sisters (Michell, Marsha, and LaRisha) founded Steve Baker Colon Colorectal Cancer Alliance after losing  their father to colorectal cancer and have now dedicated their lives to making sure you don't lose your own life to this very treatable disease. Check out their page for more information or to get involved SBCCA.

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