Friday, March 22, 2013

Outside of the Box Finals at Clark College

Day Two: Grub time!
I was invited by my mentor and friend, Veronica to host a food presentation for her Health 100: Food and Your Health students' final. The students have been discussing and learning about food and health all quarter and using my cookbook.  My final visit was an OUTSIDE of the Box, delicious way to wrap up the course.

On the menu: 
Hummus with Crudités
Cashew Energy Bars
Santa Fe Chicken Wraps with Fresh Salsa

I really enjoyed my time with the students. It was super-duper fun being among all the youthful energy. After each class, I always ask the students if they can and will make the recipes at home. The consensus among the students was that the recipe ideas I shared with them were totally doable and they would indeed try them. So, with that said -- they are officially OUTSIDE of the Box.

Doing what I love, loving what I do!

Day Two/Thursday, March 21:

Food is Fuel

A student helps with Santa Fe Chicken Salad

Assembly line for Santa Fe Chicken Wraps

Michael gives a thumbs up for the Cashew Energy Bars 

Hummus time

Day One/Tuesday, March 19:

Lecturing with my mentor -- super duper cool!

I lectured for 11 classes and four programs at Clark College during Winter quarter 2013.  I made lots of connections with the students, staff and faculty. Thanks to the Health department for having me and extra-thanks to: Veronica Brock, Kristen Myklebust, Erin Staples, Kristin Woitte, Garet Struder, and Steve Demassa.

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