Monday, March 25, 2013

Prep time

I’ll be honest, shopping, cooking, and eating “Outside of the Box” requires a commitment. Having a plan of action will save time and ultimately make the days easier.

For most folks, one of the biggest challenges to eating and living “Outside of the Box” is being prepared. On the food front: Being prepared means of course grocery shopping, but it also means once home with the goods taking it one step further — prepping. Slicing and chopping the fresh produce, hard-boiling eggs, making side dishes, making a pot of beans and/or grains, packaging up nuts and grains, etc.

Though, I am fortunate to work for myself from home or near home. I still benefit and stay on track better when I am prepared.  I dedicated part of my Saturday to prep time. So, this week when I'm blogging and my stomach starts grumbling I can just go grab a quick snack. Or after a day of talks and presentations I can come home and reheat with ease.

I prepped fresh veggies (carrots, cucumbers, and mushrooms), made a pot of wheat berries, and three side dishes (Sautéed Collard Greens with Garlic, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower).

Prepping tips:

Fresh produce always takes a little prep time. Do it in bulk right when you get home from the grocery store that way you'll be prepared throughout the week.

1. Pull out a cutting board, a colander, knife, produce peeler.
2. Rinse and/or peel produce. Get to slicing.
3. As you're slicing, put on the pot of beans, grains, eggs (cook as directed).
4. After vegetables are sliced either place in storage bags/containers or prepare as side dishes.
6. Once beans, grains, or eggs are finished cooking.  Allow to cool slightly and then store in fridge.

There you have it, prep time made easy. Happy Shopping, Prepping, Cooking, and Eating! 

A peek at the side dishes I whipped up:

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