Friday, January 27, 2012

This and That

I'm a blogger. What does that mean exactly? Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm a gal who always has loved to write once I started my weight loss and self-transformation journey I decided to share it. My blog posts are inspired by everyday life. Sometimes I think of a blog post and it sits in my mental queue for a while or sometimes it's an immediate post. Today, I've got some heavy thoughts on my mind and they'll make for some good blog posts, but it's Friday and I don't want to end the week on such a heavy note. So I've decided to blog about this and that:

Lunch time surprise! The folks who print my cookbooks at Lazerquick have been awesome. So I'm going to spread my love today by preparing them a wholesome lunch. Fresh Tomato Soup, Mozzarella and Pesto Paninis, and an apple and tangelo fruit bowl sprinkled with coconut flakes. My friends at New Seasons kindly provided all the food packaging. The way to a persons heart is through their stomach. Oh, who am I kidding I already have their hearts -- this lunch will just finish them off. Ha ha. Seriously, I want to foster relationships and if I have something to give than I'm gonna give it.

What's meant to be I had an offer on the table to host cooking classes at a new venue and it didn't work out. While I was honored to be considered, I'm not hanging my head because I never felt like the environment was the right fit. Besides, I've come to know -- what's for me is for me.The very same day...

Greatest Honor to date my convenient little cookbook Bringing Cooking Back received a dewey decimal number -- 641.563 MOSLEY. Yay!

Announcing...A new venue proud to announce I'll be teaching classes at Cascade Athletic Club - Fisher's Landing -- Tuesday, February 21st for members only at this time. Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle 101 class with Chrisetta. Looking forward to the partnership and exciting opportunity to connect with members of the community.

I love my life. I feel so very fortunate and grateful to do all things I love to do. I'm living my dream everyday and that includes blogging about this and that! Happy Friday!

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