Monday, July 9, 2012

Like Bree Van deKamp

Folks who know me, know...It's all about the presentation. The ambiance. I'm a great hostess, so if you're coming by my place for a gathering. You're guaranteed to be spoiled and eat good. I love cooking and sharing my passion. I think for most people who cook, it's just natural to want to entertain. A good meal is better shared over conversation and laughter.

Entertaining is when you showcase not only the food, but you get to set everything up just so. Depending on the time of day or type of the occasion, here's a few things I do to create a feel-good atmosphere:
  • Fresh cut flowers on the table and/or candles
  • Fun or classy table runners depending on the food served
  • Tableware -- I'm partial to white because it highlights the beauty of the food - I do stray though
  • A bowl of seasonal fruit and/or some type of light snack
  • Good eclectic music
We see food with our eyes first, then we smell, and finally we taste.  So, I don't slap anything together. I want the food to look appealing, inviting.  Those who have taken my cooking classes see it in action. It's all about presentation (kind of the case with everything for me). When in class, I showcase my food on beautiful platters and bowls. If sauce drips on the side of the bowl, I take time to wipe it off. It's the little details that make the experience, enjoyable and memorable.

I often joke that I'm kinda like Bree Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives she was known for throwing the best gatherings/parties. She was so fussy, down right persnickety. Everything had to be just so. For a long time, when I watched the show, I so didn't like her character. I came to realize the reason I didn't like her much was because I'm just like her when it comes to entertaining. Everything has a place. Everything has to be just so.

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