Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Inauguration

"5 or 50"
Wow. Whoa. What a turnout! Last night, I facilitated the inaugural "5 or 50” women’s group at the Cascade Park Community Library. 25 ladies showed up to hear my story and share theirs. I arrived to find several women there already in the lobby chatting. It was the coolest thing. You could just feel the anticipation, the positive vibes, the buzz.

I started the meeting with a brief introduction and my theory behind the group. Next, we  went around the room introducing ourselves and what we hoped to gain from the meetings.

In sharing there were several reoccurring themes:
  1. Loss of spouses
  2. Yo-Yo dieting
  3. Lack of confidence / self-esteem
We discussed sustainable weight loss, positive self-esteem, mindful eating, and I shared healthy snacking options. I’d have to say this was a very,very successful first meeting. I am so proud to be able to share my story and help others along the way. I look forward to our next meeting of sharing, growing, and together finding ways to live positive healthy lives. Thank you all for coming out. We are beautiful, strong, and capable.
Thanks to LiveWell/The Columbian for promoting the event – lots of folks said they saw it in the paper, and to Teresa Torres for opening the doors of the Cascade Park Community Library to us.

Next meeting,  Wednesday, August 22 from 6 -7:30 p.m. 

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The Obesity Epidemic is REAL!

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Source: CBS News