Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mouthwatering Munchies for Teens

Helping folks step Outside of the prepared food box -- The coolest "job" without a doubt! Doesn't matter what mood I'm in it all seems to be better when I'm presenting and cooking. Last night's "Mouthwatering Munchies for Teens" demo was one of those times. I was a little down, but as soon as I entered the library all was well.

The youth and teens are our future. And, I'm proud and honored to help them make better, informed food decisions. I tell you -- it's the most AWESOME feeling, to look around the room at young enthusiastic faces and see their bulbs shining brighter and brighter as I introduce ingredients and talk cooking techniques. My message is simple: Any and everything that is in a box or package can be made at home using fresh, whole ingredients.

To illustrate my point I showed them simple, healthy snacks they can whip up: Hummus served with Crudités (raw vegetables), Fresh Salsa and Guacamole served with Tortilla Chips (store bought), and Granola (made from scratch) Berry Parfaits. 

Knowledge is power. A big part of my presentations are educating about food. How food relates to our health, where food comes from, seasonal produce, etc. It's a bonus to do presentations at the library because I can tie in reading materials and videos that the guests can borrow from the library.
My cookbooks among the resources as well -- cool!

It's always a good time hangin' with the teens. Thanks to the teens that came out and the adults too. A huge thank you for helping me make the program run smoothly, Linda Landi -- Teen Librarian. An extra-special thanks to the Cascade Park Community Library for their continued support.  Happy Shopping, Cooking, and Eating!

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