Thursday, August 15, 2013

Outside of the Box at the Camas Public Library

Last night, I gave an obesity and health talk at the Camas Public Library. Since it was my first time visiting the branch, I browsed around before I made my way upstairs to the room where I would speak. What a quaint, charming library.

The Camas Farmers Market was in full swing outside of the library, inside the library was buzzing with patrons, and I was pleasantly surprised to see posters advertising my event all over the place.

We had a nice crowd of folks that came out: Including a faithful blog and FB follower, Debby and a cycling buddy, Louise. The crowd was engaged and asked lots of thoughtful questions, which made for a great discussion.

Thanks to everyone who came out. An extra-special thanks to the director, David Zavartink and Linda Swenton Assistant Library Director for welcoming me and making the event run smoothly.

You know how I feel about libraries in general, but I really really like this library. I look forward to another program or two in the future.

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The Obesity Epidemic is REAL!

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