Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Feel Good Resources

Do me a favor...Do something that makes you feel good. Give something of yourself that helps others. I tell you, it is the GREATEST feeling.

I'm just in from the "5 or 50" Women’s Sustainable Weight Loss & Lifestyle Group that I founded and facilitate once a month. The group started out with about 20 and has seen numbers fluctuate. But, what hasn't changed is the feeling I get from our time together. Each month I chose a different health/wellness topic and a guest presenter. We've had a few women share their weight loss stories, a Certified Wellness Coach, a Nautropath, and a personal trainer to name a few.

Since our meetings are held at the library, I thought it would be nice to actually tap into the bounty of resources that the library has to offer. So, tonight our guest presenter was the branch librarian Teresa Torres. She showed us how to use the library database to search for vetted health/wellness information, gave us a tour of the health/wellness book section and the cookbook section (my cookbook so happened to be checked in).

The ladies were genuinely excited about the information we gathered. Some left with books and magazines, Kay left with a library card, Teresa was all smiles for being able to share and help, and I left feeling all warm and fuzzy. Thanks Teresa and to all the wonderful ladies who came out tonight.

I love what I do!

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The Obesity Epidemic is REAL!

The evidence of an epidemic is everywhere.

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Source: CBS News