Saturday, August 3, 2013


I'm flashy by nature. Everything I do is big and bold. I wear big earrings. Bright colors. I'm hardly ever seen without lipstick. No color in particular, but it is a must. I talk rather fast and  loud. It's just who I am. It's my nature.

Last fall during a photo shoot something happened...A rare waking moment I was caught still and quiet.  To my surprise, in that moment the photographer captured the very depth of me.  "Pure Beauty," "Simply Gorgeous," "Intriguing,"  "It's just you. Beautiful," were a few comments from my Facebook friends.

Because I'm a always thinking and blogging in my mind. The photo and comments have stayed with me. I see so many women half naked exposing themselves, wearing lots of make-up, lots of jewelry and spending tons of money on beauty products, and things to enhance their beauty. I'm guilty of some of those things as well. So, this photo of me speaks volumes to me and hopefully to you. Ladies, we don't have to take off our clothes and expose ourselves. Nor do we have to overly dress ourselves up. Beauty is often subtle. Beauty is when we show our vulnerabilities. Beauty lies within our souls and speaks through our eyes.

*Mind you I was wearing make-up in this photo.  And so that no one calls me a hypocrite, I will continue to wear make-up and big earrings. But, the point is it's nice to know that I don't need to.

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