Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Delicious News!

Give the people what they want. I've heard time and time again from you all - "I want the recipe." "When are you going to make a cookbook?"  Well, the wait is over. Just in time for the holidays -- I've created and am self-publishing my very first cookbook, "Farewell Fatso! Bringing Cooking Back."

This morning, I actually held the first draft copy - what an AMAZING feeling.

First draft copy
By Friday, I'll have information on how YOU can pre-order your copy using PayPal. Yes, shipping anywhere in the U.S. will be available.

Books available by Saturday, December 10th. I'm currently working on a few local locations for book signings. Surreal.

Y'all are the reason this is happening. An extra-extra special thanks to my beautiful friend, Katina for inspiring me to actually bring my vision, our vision to life.

More to come soon.

I'm truly bringing "Cooking Back."

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