Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nice touch

I was rummaging through some papers and found a printed copy of an email from one of my admired Seattle University professors, Gary Atkins. It was my senior year. The course I was taking was CMJR 315: Literary Journalism. I'll admit I forgot what the assignment choices were, but I wrote my piece on my family and our domino games, "The Domino Effect."

 I recall writing that piece like it was yesterday. I was stressed out having to write it because it was unlike any piece of writing I had ever done. Literary journalism is factual writing with a creative, fictional twist. And, like most college students although I had the assignment weeks prior I waited until the last minute to write it. Once I started writing though the ideas, memories, and words just started flowing. It's still one of my favorite pieces today.

Here's what Gary wrote:

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Chrisetta - 
This is a really fine piece of writing -- it takes me both into the game itself, where I can both see and hear it and it takes me into the heart of the family, even more importantly. Really nice descriptive phrases, really good command of the organization spiraling around the hub both of the game itself and of the lessons it taught you. Superb job! You've got a very nice touch with words when you push yourself and go for them! 

Gary L. Atkins
Associate Professor, Communication

I feel so lucky to do what I love on a daily. And, It's kinda cool to have at least a few folks reading and enjoying what I write. As always, thanks for reading.

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