Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fight or Flight

Research, research, research
Love, love, love what I do. I've become pretty active in the community sharing my story and helping others: Cooking classes, cookbook, speaking events, and blogging.  As a result, folks are starting to take notice of me. Awesome.

Recently, I was asked by a very reputable organization to work on a huge project. My first response was oh, my goodness. Yes! I was buzzing off the walls. Then about three days after the offer I became frantic. Scared. Nervous. Doubtful. My girlfriend reminded me, the first time we take on any project there are bound to be fears, doubt. It's the first time. There are so many unknowns. Besides, this is a really big opportunity. I should be nervous. I have lots of work to do.

Game on. Last night, I packed up my materials and went to the library and I'm so glad I did. The visit to the library was just what I needed. I was able to work in a different space, a new environment.  After spending hours researching and thumbing through countless books. I have a solid outline and clarity about the direction I plan to go in. I guess, we need the fear factor to kick in to bring out our best.

By the way, I love the public library. It totally rocks! While I'm working on this project, No doubt I'll spend lots of time there researching, writing, and hanging out.

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