Monday, March 5, 2012


Let's do this!
Doubts. Replaced. Fears. Erased. After my tibia was fractured last year I had moments of doubt. Being injured is scary. I was doubtful, fearful. Heck, I was hit by a car while walking and my leg was fractured. I underwent surgery (March 3, 2011) to repair it and hardware was placed in my leg to hold the bones together. I had to walk for months on crutches with no weight bearing to my leg. Sure, the doctors said I would regain my quad strength, walk again, and eventually return to all of my normal activities. During the rehab process I kept my spirit high and worked hard, but there was always a little shadow of doubt. Even after I was giving the green light to return to mostly all activities after six months I was still fearful, tentative with my movement. I just didn't know if my leg would ever be the same again.

And, I'm off!
Fast forward: One year.  Yesterday, I made the ultimate comeback -- I was able to walk the beautiful, five-mile hilly Mt.Tabor Park. No crutches. No doubts. No fears. Just me and my girlfriend, Jamie, swinging my arms high and walking proud. It had been a long time coming...You see to take on Mt.Tabor Park again was on my Post-Recovery Wishlist.  It was the last thing on my list that I had yet to accomplish. It was the last doubt.  Walking in the fresh air, taking in all the beauty of the park and in the backdrop the splendor of Mt. Hood.  Ha ha. Whew! I tell you... sweet victory.

Sweet Victory


  1. I spiral fractured my leg, had surgery with hardware attached, and was in a wheelchair for 2 months, but mostly bedbound out of necessity. I felt I would never be the same or recover to what my body used to be. I "AM" in progress, slow, sure, and steady. You are my inspiration. Your words and blogs help me get past the fear. Thank you.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your injury and surgery, BugABoo. I know how scary and frustrating the recovery process can be. Keep you spirits high and keep looking to me as your inspiration. It will happen -- you too will make a comeback. Peace.

  3. I had major foot surgery almost two years ago and I know EXACTLY what you were experiencing. It is scary to think you may never be the same. I keep plodding along, working at getting back to where I was. It's a tough road, but better than giving up. Good for you -- inspirational once again.

    1. Debbie Dunham -- Keep plodding along with a smile. Glad to inspire once again. :)


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